We detail all the new features of the next major update for Windows 10


You might know it as Version 1809 or by its code name Redstone 5. But, six months after its previous update, it’s finally arrived: The Windows 10 Update. And it’s brought with it a ton of new and exciting features to enhance your PC experience. Best of all, like previous major Windows Updates, it’s 100% free! Ready to check out what it’s all about?

 What are some of the Windows 10 Update’s new features?


  • Improvements to Windows 10 Fluent Design: Expect more apps using the Fluent Design interface, including standard Windows programs.
  • Enhanced Game Mode and Game Bar: Gamers rejoice! This update has added more options to game mode for all the gamers out there. For example, it’s now possible to visually check out system usage such as GPU, CPU and RAM – so now users can understand why their games start to run slow.
  • Storage Sense: This feature frees up storage space on your hard drive by removing files you don’t access or use anymore and moving them to OneDrive. You’ll still be able to access them, but this way your hard drive won’t be so clogged up.
  • Better Progressive Web Apps: These implemented apps will look and behave just like a native app would, including giving users notifications, live tiles, and even the ability to work offline in Windows 10.
  • Your Phone App – improved: You will now be able to easily interact with your smartphone, such as read and reply to text messages, share files, photos and more, straight from your Windows 10 device.
  • Better News App: Users can curate all the news relevant to them in one spot.
  • Cloud clipboard: Simply by hitting Windows Key + C, users can copy and paste content across different devices.
  • Mixed Reality Improvement: Users will now be able to take screenshots seamlessly and then immediately import them into an email. Microsoft has also removed the requirement to connect a monitor in order to use a Mixed Reality headset.
  • Search Previews: It’s now easier to search for apps, documents, and other files with this new feature.


Our verdict? It’s definitely made our lives a whole lot easier! Windows 10 Update is available now – simply download and install it online.


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