Hey Guys,

Recently you may have heard of the “WannaCry” virus spreading around the internet.
It’s been on the news, radio and even Microsoft has been pushing security updates to stop it.

It’s a very dangerous virus that locks up your system & encrypts your files so you cannot view them. It will also attack any hard drives attached. This means your back ups can be corrupted as well.

This is a short post to make sure you are fully protected!

If you are using a Mac / Linux you do not need to worry at all. It’s a windows virus.
Make sure your windows computer is up to date.
Update your antivirus program.
Install an anti Malware program. We recommend Malwarebytes. Its free & can find programs hidden in your PC that may be causing issues.
Back up data to an external hard drive or usb. Then disconnect it from your PC and store it safely.
Only download software you know and trust. Be careful when downloading from unknown emails
Last thing, What to do if you have been attacked
Do not pay the ransom demanded by the WannaCry ransomware. There is no evidence of the hackers giving people files back.
Businesses should contact law enforcement and provide as much information as possible.
Restore backups of data once the virus has been removed or your PC has been wiped clean.

If you need help applying updates, installing an antivirus program or just want to make sure you are safe online:

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